MH downstairs loo 

The Psychology of the Downstairs Loo


I believe that a person’s home is a representation of themself. It not only mirrors how you present yourself to the world but it is also hugely representative of the mind.


You surround yourself with things that please you and your decor, pictures and the belongings you have collected over the years become the story of your life.

If each room reflects a different part of the human psyche then there is one room in the house which shows that a little bit of madness lurks in most of us: the downstairs loo.

Over the years we have noticed a familiar pattern. It is very common for bedrooms and bathrooms to become the stylish, luxurious and tranquil getaways we all dream about, but in the little downstairs cloakroom people love to unleash their wild side. Bright tiles and paint choices bring in elaborate colour that we dare not put in the rest of the house.

Feature wallpaper introduces an added element of eccentricity, illustrated with things like world maps, flamboyant patterns or a menagerie of birds, fish and animals - the kookier the better.

I was recently given the task of decorating the little loos here at Modern Homes. We went from purely functional and utilitarian ugliness to rich colour, outlandish pattern and even a wall featuring dogs in hats, monocle wearing flamingos and beer drinking toads, (to name a few).

I don’t know what it is about these weird little compartments in our houses, and indeed our minds, but we love to express our elaborate sub-conscious. I say embrace the madness! If you feel like releasing the more peculiar, then come in and chat to us about putting something off the wall onto the wall! We are more than happy to help create a space that injects a quirky element of fun (and craziness) into your home!

Want To Cook Like A Masterchef In Your Own Kitchen?


If you love cooking and are always dreaming of creating MasterChef style dishes in your own home then you will love this new oven from AEG. SenseCook is one of the new Mastery kitchen products, a range offering the world’s first responsive kitchen experience.

This innovative oven takes the temperature out of cooking, using a “CommandWheel” instead.  You select the outcome rather than the temperature or a number in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You say you want a medium-well steak, for example, and insert the Food Sensor probe, and it will do the monitoring for you. This means you can choose a more elaborate recipe and the oven will adjust itself throughout the steps.  This oven understands the results you want, just from the words you choose- an oven that speaks your language.

We will have one of these amazing ovens in the showroom later in the year and will be hosting a workshop with AEG to showcase how it can transform your home cooking- a date will be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can have a sneak preview, take a look at this video.



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