Tina's Twitter Hatrick! 

It’s been an amazing year for Modern Homes, not least because of Tina’s triple award win on Twitter, culminating in meeting Theo Paphitis, lots of new business contacts and a huge rise in Tina’s Twitter following.

It all began with the Small Business Sunday award, run by Theo Paphitis with the aim of publicizing small businesses by lending his voice to their company. In July Tina was selected by Theo as one of his small business winners of the week, and had her tweet shared with Theo’s 400,000+ followers. Being part of the #SBS family has opened up fantastic networking opportunities for Tina, and probably helped her become a PurpleBiz winner in September.

Purple Dog is a business dedicated to helping businesses master Twitter, and they select a #PurpleBiz winner daily. Tina was named the #PurpleBiz winner for 18th of September, beating out the huge daily competition for the award – Purple Dog then recommended Modern Homes to their 50,000 followers, which was an amazing profile boost for Tina and the team.

Most recently, Tina was crowned #QueenOfKitchens on Twitter by Aqua Design Group. The title is awarded to experts in various different fields with the aim of creating a #KingOf and #QueenOf network where highly motivated small business people can discuss ideas and share event plans. Tina is part of this exclusive group, and has made some fantastic connections within it.

Overall, it’s been something of a whirlwind – congratulations Tina, our very own Queen of Social Media!



By Friday, 20 December 2013 00:00 Published in News