Pyrolytic – Music to My Ears!

Ovens have had a makeover in the last couple of years with most middle to top end appliance manufacturers offering Pyrolytic cleaning programs that take the sweat out of cleaning your cooker!

An oven that cleans itself is my personal idea of heaven, along with self-ironing clothes and   self-cleaning windows, however I digress but it is true that many customers find that they can’t live without this feature once they have enjoyed the benefits.

Pyrolytic ovens come with triple or quadruple glazed doors and feature temperature absorbent enameled interiors that can withstand heat of up to 500°C.

The cleaning cycle begins with the oven door locking for safety and then the high temperature reduces the grease and residue to a fine ash after a cycle of approx. 90-120 minutes.

Once the cycle has ended and the oven has cooled, it then just requires a quick wipe round with a damp cloth to ensure the interior is perfectly clean.

Most versions do require you to remove and clean the internal racks and shelves by hand but the good news is ovens with pyrolytic cleaning are coming down in price every day and are no longer a feature just available on high end models.  Combined with the cost of the cleaning cycle ranging from just 20p to 40p it’s no wonder we are specifying more than ever!

Think it may even be time for me to have a new oven!

By Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00 Published in Kitchens