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How to Buy Your New Kitchen

A kitchen is for life not just for Christmas, so don't rush to your local DIY store to buy one  in the sales, the big discounts are not real - it is most likely that they have inflated their prices so they can give a "BIG DISCOUNT".

I have lost count of the number of times that a distraught customer has come into our showroom with a poorly thought out plan that will not work in their home.  Our experience over the years has shown that in this scenario, getting the sale becomes more important than the right kitchen design for you.  What  surprises many customers when they do come to us is, that more often than not, we can show that pound for pound you will get better value from one of our quality kitchens, designed just for you.

At Modern Homes we believe you should think about buying a kitchen as a journey with distinct stages which should not be rushed.  A good quality kitchen should last in the region of 20 years plus so it is worth spending the extra time in the planning stages to ensure that all the decisions made are the correct one’s for you.

Set your budget and don’t be afraid to talk to us regarding your budget limitations. As designers we would prefer to have honest and open conversations about this as we do know some canny ways to shave costs, whilst still giving you the look of kitchen you desire.

Your kitchen project will require a whole team of professionals to make it happen. We have worked hard to ensemble a fantastic team of quality tradesman we can call upon. From plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, decorators and many, many more so whatever your project involves we can usually help!

So please think carefully and wisely as to where you plan to spend your money over this festive season.  Give us or your local independent specialist an opportunity to show you just how much they can offer- I know you will be surprised at  just how cost competitive they can be- Happy shopping !

By Friday, 16 December 2016 12:56 Published in Kitchens