The Customer Is Not Always Right

binäre optionen deutsche bank bancomext indicadores de comercio exterior de méxico Read our latest blog to find out why Modern Homes breaks this golden rule in order to provide customers with the very best kitchens for their homes

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buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription I don’t know where or when the phrase “The customer is always right” was coined but I shall let you into a secret: it is not true. It is a common misconception that has, for many years, been the cornerstone of all good customer service. Millions of staff members in thousands of trades from hospitality to retail and everything in between, have had to grit their teeth whilst maintaining this ethos. On the flip-side millions of us, the consumer, have taken advantage of this age-old ideology.

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الخيارات الثنائية احتيال مجانا Nope – it is not correct and we here at Modern Homes are not afraid to break the golden rule of consumer relations by not always letting our customers have their way. This ’topsy- turvey’ approach to business may sound counter-productive but we pride ourselves on our morals.

ac electrical hook up Put it this way: there are other companies in the same line of business that will always give the customer exactly what they want, even if this means supplying impractical, unworkable and occasionally unsafe services and products.

Tastylia Oral Strip without prescription For example, it is a shame that a company would knowingly sell a shower screen that is impossible to fit in a bathroom to a customer, simply because they said they wanted it. Or design someone a kitchen with a hob dangerously placed tightly between two doors (think of the hazardous combination of human traffic, boiling water and pan handles sticking out) on the basis that that person likes the look of it. Or sell an older customer with progressive back problems a range oven that she would have to bend down to use, simply because she fancied that style.

free binary option system These are true life scenarios that we have encountered, not just over the years but literally in the last few months. Unfortunately even well-known and reputable companies are prepared to place profit over common sense.  We are not afraid to say “No – you are not right”. We would rather be able to sleep at night!

By Thursday, 24 August 2017 16:20 Published in Kitchens