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There is no doubt that the pricing structure within the fitted kitchen industry is complex and that some sectors of the market seek to complicate it and use ‘smoke and mirrors’ in what seems like an effort to confuse and sometimes mislead the consumer.

In an ideal world all pricing would be transparent and honest and customers would be able to make fair comparisons. It is with this thought in mind that I say maybe ‘kitchen-compare .com’ is not all bad as it does highlight how ludicrous the so called promotions are at some of the big sheds.

As an independent retailer I find that the perception from consumers is that the 'sheds' are always cheaper, which is not necessarily the case. We are often eager to compare quotes as in our experience we can offer a more comprehensive service with a better quality of kitchen at an equal if not better price.

The biggest hurdle we find as a small independent is getting the message across that the price isn't always everything and that using a 'specialist' doesn't always involve a higher price. Our expertise in planning and project management means the consumer gets a better service and finished project and when our kitchens seems to be lasting an average of 25 years before our clients are changing them again - why would you buy on price alone.

The pricing structure of the units alone don't take into account the whole picture...a client this week was tempted by the 50% off offer but the installation price of the kitchen from this company was three times the amount that we would charge. She also had to fight to be given the installation price as she was told she would not be given this until she had paid her deposit on the units to hold the 'special' price.

This was on top of being telephoned/emailed 17 times by the salesperson asking when she would be paying her deposit!

Some consumers are researching their purchases in more detail and trying to make a more informed choice before parting with their hard earned money and it is this type of client that we want to help and if by using the comparison website and realising all is not as it seems then maybe that helps them come our way.

By Tuesday, 08 January 2013 00:00 Published in Kitchens