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Thursday, 02 October 2014 13:15

Quartz Work Tops

What are quartz worktops?

easy trade binary options Earn money online free and easy There is a lot of confusion about what a ‘quartz’ worktop actually is, and this can largely be down to the fact that the composition of the worktop can vary greatly.

dating chinchilla Good quality quartz worktops have a very high percentage of natural materials -usually over 90% and so as such are very versatile material that offers all the benefits of stone, granite or marble but with the added benefit which comes from the other 10%.

forexlive tradenetworks With most manufacturers this is a closely guarded trade secret but is a formula of resin or acrylic that allows the finished material greater strength and also a high resistance to scratches and stains. Unlike marble and some granites quartzes are non-porous which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

candice accola dating who The polishing of the surface is a key stage of the manufacturing process which means once they are installed they never need sealing or polishing , just some soap and water for cleaning is all that is necessary.

Quartz is renowned for its eco- credentials and its manufacturing process is ethical.

Although there is a variety of zany bright colours to choose from we recommend using some of the calmer colours, particularly for clients who may choose a patterned or wood grained cabinet door, which will ensure your chosen colour scheme will still look as good for many years to come.

Modern Homes recommends Silestone, Caesarstone and have these products on display in their showroom.


Thursday, 02 October 2014 13:06

KBB Technology Explained


Digital design in showers!

binaire opties derivaten One of the biggest advances of the last decade in showers has been the introduction of a new generation of digital showers.


Unlike a conventional thermostatic shower which has a mechanical valve, a processor box controls a digital shower. The processor is roughly the size of a shoe box and isn’t fitted to or within a bathroom wall but fitted remotely either in the loft space or adjacent airing cupboard.

This has huge installation benefits and can make adding a new shower to an existing room a simple project.

From a service point of view if there is an issue with the shower the engineer doesn’t even go into the bathroom to deal with it.

On exposed models ( where the water is fed through the ceiling) if there was ever a leak it is going to be evident rather than hidden within stud work and not noticed until it leaks into the room below !

There are models available for both gravity and high pressure systems so whichever type of water system you have there is a model suitable for you.

With the advent of much larger shower enclosures and also larger baths these digital showers can also be turned on from outside the shower enclosure, no more getting into cold water or trying to get out of the way, you can leisurely switch on the shower at your convenience, get undressed and then get straight under the hot water !

They are also very easy to operate; select your temperature and press on; most models also have a flashing LED light which then holds steady indicating you can get in! Digital diverter technology now also means you can switch between two shower heads at the touch of a button for instance a drencher head for a lovely refreshing shower can divert to a hand set - useful for cleaning your feet or the enclosure! Top of the range models also include an eco-mode for water conservation and even a pause button if you want to save water during shampooing!

Modern Homes recommends The Aqualisa range of Digital Showers prices start from £ 522.oo inc. vat plus installation.


Wednesday, 03 September 2014 13:42

Case Studies - Nicola Harrison

Nicola Harrison

Details of what the job entailed...

Nicola Harrison had long felt dissatisfied with her kitchen, and in spring this year she decided it was time to make a change.

img 1

“The kitchen did not look good, it was really badly designed,” says Nicola. “We had fitted it ourselves, and to be honest, it showed.” Nicola began hunting for a designer who could give her the kitchen she dreamed of for maximum value and minimum fuss. After spotting Modern Homes in her local newspaper, Nicola visited the showroom.

“I was met by Sarah the moment I walked in the door, and immediately realised I’d come to the right place,” says Nicola. “There was no pushy salesperson, only experts interested in answering my questions.”

Following a series of discussions to decide on the perfect design, Nicola’s new kitchen was being fitted before she knew it.

img 2

“The installation was very smooth, exactly as Tina had said it would be – I can be a bit of a control freak, but with the Modern Homes team I knew I could sit back and let the experts take the wheel!”

Nicola has finally got a kitchen she can show off, and without any hassle or fuss.

img 3

“The kitchen looks fantastic now. Really well designed - light and airy, with gorgeous appliances and lots of storage. It just works really well, and I love it! “ Would she recommend the Modern Homes team?

img 4

“They were brilliant from start to finish. They know what they are talking about, they know what works and what doesn't. The whole team are really good at what they do and I would definitely recommend them.”

Monday, 04 August 2014 09:15

Get in the zone!


Creating the perfect showering experience!

haloperidol depot A few years ago there was a huge surge of interest in having ‘ wet rooms’ - however what clients and some bathroom suppliers neglected to mention was there was  a clue on the terminology ‘ WET’.  Clients soon discovered that soaking the entire bathroom is not very practical.

We have always advocated walk in or walk thru as the perfect alternative where we combine a tray or tiled tray with a glass screen to protect the rest of the bathroom while still allowing a generous showering area with a minimal look.

Most British manufacturers are aware of our hard water so provide factory fitted anti-limescale treatments which will make any shower doors easier to keep clean.

The type of shower enclosure we design largely depends on the space that is available and the type of enclosure you wish to create.

A single door option can be used in an alcove where three walls are in place, which can then be tiled or panelled.

Doors are available in various options - bi-fold where the door folds back into the shower can maximise the space available. Pivot doors rotate on a pin mechanism at the top and the bottom of the frame, opening outwards into the room, but with the rear of the door swinging backwards into the shower, pivot doors therefore need less clearance space than hinged doors which are fixed to the side of the wall. Both of these options, whilst creating good access into the enclosure can leave water sometimes dripping onto the bathroom floor.

Sliding doors straight or on a quadrant enclosure stops this from happening sometimes the opening can be smaller.

Look for the thickness of the glass as well which can be up to 10mm which although more expensive offers a far sturdier solution.

Safety is also a feature with some non-slip coatings available and strategically placed grab bars will all help.

So take your time and work with your bathroom designer to create the perfect showering solution for you, for a quick blast in the shower to wake you up in the morning, or a hot relaxing shower to unwind at the end of the day.

Modern Homes recommends enclosures from Manhatten, Kudos and Simpsons all available to see in our showroom.


Monday, 04 August 2014 09:06

Sparkling results!


Sparkling results!

operazione binarie piattaforme Why you should buy a dishwasher for your new kitchen.

It has now been proven that installing a dishwasher will save you time, water, energy and money so what’s not to love about that!

I have always said that I would rather do without my washing-machine and have to visit the launderette than not have my dishwasher!

As a dirty crockery cupboard it is invaluable - immediately putting all crockery in the dishwasher instead of being left on the side creates a cleaner, tidier environment.

Dishwashers are much more hygienic, they work at hotter temperatures (up to 70 degrees depending on the setting) which is more than you could put your hands in which means dishes come out much cleaner.

The detergent is stronger than you would ever use by hand, also probably the least hygienic item in your kitchen is usually your tea towel which can be a hot bed of bugs and bacteria, as the dishwasher dries using hot air there is no need to wipe anything with that grubby tea towel.

If you compared directly washing up 12 place settings by hand and in a dishwasher the following results may surprise you.

• Hand washing uses around 63 litres of water … dishwasher only 15 litres

• So if you are on a water meter this would save you over 40p per load.

Features to look out for are a quiet operation, especially important in more open plan kitchen/living areas. Intelligent technology, this can even work out how dirty your dishes are and automatically set the correct programme and temperature for you.

Flexible interiors - these can vary greatly so look for baskets that can be adjusted, racks that fold up and down and cutlery trays can all be useful.

Special programmes for glassware or intensive for pots and pans.

Delayed start can be useful to take advantage of cheaper electric at night.

Dishwasher drawers can be useful when switching from small amounts of washing-up during the week to larger amounts at weekends and when entertaining.

And above all don’t forget this is a machine specifically designed to turn a chore into a pleasure!


Thursday, 19 June 2014 11:57

Style in the bedroom



How to achieve maximum style with minimum fuss in your bedroom

köpa dapoxetine Summer is here and now is the time to look to carry out some minor changes to give a fresh uplifting look to the most restful room in your home.

Usually the best place to start is with our soft furnishings, new bed linen will rejuvenate the look of your bedroom in an instant, along with the addition of a few accent cushions making the bed look super inviting.

For Spring and Summer choose lighter coloured fabrics and bear in mind that natural bedding materials like linen can be a coolant in hot weather as they allow your skin to breathe. Key colours for spring 2014 include cool peppermint and fantastic fuchsia!

Using throws to add colour or texture can also create a luxurious ambience draped over a chair can also be snuggled into when reading your favourite book.

If redecorating is out of budget or too much trouble think about creating a feature wall and leaving the rest , this can be as dramatic or bold as you want using wallpaper or preprinted murals with any image you wish. Another way would be to have a collection of artwork, or pictures close to your heart. Vary the size and shape of your frames to add interest and place your favourite print directly above the bed.

Your chosen favourite pieces will stamp your personality onto the room and usually make you smile first thing in the morning, never a bad thing!

Bedside lighting is often neglected and need not be boring, there are many styles and finishes available.  You can also have the convenience of touch control lamps that can be controlled and switched off with very little effort.

Think rugs to inject colour, pattern, texture and warmth, nothing can be nicer than sinking your feet deep into a plush soft fabric when you first get up.

Remember this is the room you see last thing and night and first thing in the morning so creating a relaxed, happy environment is vital to your well- being and need not cost the earth!


Thursday, 29 May 2014 11:23

Cooking up a storm!


Cooking up a storm!

iq optione Focus on what features will get your culinary juices flowing!

They offer a variety of cooking functions to help you get the best results every time. For example they usually include different functions like fan cooking, grill, defrost, and keep warm, top or bottom heat or a combination of the above.

Now hands up who hates cleaning the oven? This to my mind is a feature well worth having; it heats the oven up to approx 500 degrees at which temperature all the grease and dirt just turns to ash and can just be wiped out (once the oven has cooled down).

Steaming our food is known to offer significant health and taste benefits as it preserves the nutrients in the food. An upgrade to a pure steam oven would be a combi-steam oven; this will still speed up your cooking time, keeps all your food nice and moist but can still brown your meat!

This will combine the speed of microwaving with browned and crisp food. It has been proved that a joint will roast in roughly a third of the time it takes in a conventional oven.

As a glass of wine will no doubt need to be enjoyed whilst cooking takes place where better than to store it than in a built in wine cooler. These are now offered with two independently controlled temperature zones so that both your red and white wines can be stored at their ideal temperature.

A relative newcomer into the domestic kitchen appliance market is a ‘sous-vide’ oven this combines a combi steam oven with vacuum sealer which promises to provide gastronomic restaurant quality results.


Friday, 16 May 2014 12:55

How to Shine Bright!


Shedding some light on the smallest room in the house

Buy Tastylia Tadalafil Without Prescription Online Now hands up who amongst you has a solitary 60 watt light bulb hanging from their existing bathroom ceiling? Yes I thought so! So let’s talk about shedding some light on how to properly illuminate your smallest room in the house.

Whatever the size of your bathroom, well thought out combination lighting is always the best route forward.

Having decided on your main layout with your bathroom designer, for example position of bath, basin, shower etc. lighting becomes your next major decision.

Bear in mind that you will need different lighting requirements for different times of the day, for example the morning rush to get ready for work is very different from a long relaxing soak in the bath at the end of a busy day when a more subdued scheme is required.

It is becoming common practice for us to fit outside switches for the lighting rather than the old style (gets rather grubby) pull cords we are used to. A dimmer switch can then be added to aid changing the intensity of the lights.

Overhead lighting can be either ceiling mounted using LED or florescent or recessed ceiling down lights for a flush finish; this creates your ambient overall light.

The next important area is above the basin, this is your hub of operation in the bathroom.  In an ideal world using an illuminated mirror or mirror with independent lights either side rather than overhead illumination (which can create shadows) will aid shaving or applying makeup.

Adding lighting to a shower enclosure makes sense, just bear in mind whatever you choose needs to be suitable for a wet area IP65 rating, add feature lighting in tiled alcoves or even integral LED lights in the shower head to create a glimmering effect as the water flows.

LED lighting can also be used really effectively in the skirting level area of the room, when added to the bottom of furniture or bath panels it can create a lovely wash of light across the floor.  LED’s are so energy efficient and will not increase your electric bills.

Always use the warmer colour of LED lights rather than cool white as this will warm the feel of the environment and make your skin look better! Always a bonus!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014 13:26

Case Studies - Adrienne


Workmanship that stands the test of time

Having met and enlisted the Modern Homes team to do her kitchen some 15 years ago, Adrienne says there was no question of who to call when she decided to update and expand her bathroom.

leitfaden für das handeln mit binären optionen “We were very happy with the kitchen Tina designed for us, and well over a decade later, the workmanship has really stood the test of time,” says Adrienne. “For us, Modern Homes was the only choice for our new bathroom.”

beställa Viagra online img 1

After fitting a new combi-boiler, Adrienne’s airing cupboard had become dead space – which is when she called Tina about expanding her bathroom to use the newly available room.

“Tina came over and talked to me in depth about what I wanted, and which layout would make the best use of the space,” says Adrienne. “We had a very clear idea of what we wanted, and Tina let us cycle through various combinations of flooring and tiles until we were completely satisfied with our choices.”

The bathroom is minimalist themed, and has been tailored and tweaked to fit Adrienne’s vision.

 img 2

“With Modern Homes, you get both extremely high quality workmanship and service,” she says. “Tina’s attention to detail is phenomenal, she really sees the bigger picture but also pays attention to the little details – equally Karl who fitted our bathroom is clearly an exceptional craftsman, we couldn’t be happier with the job.”

img 3

Although the focus was on style and space, Adrienne says her favourite features are the little touches of glamour and luxury incorporated in to the design.

“My favourite feature? Well when I’m in my extra-long bath, it’s the bath, but then it could be the power shower, or my specially lit mirror…. I love all of it!”

img 4

Adrienne says she is already showing off her bathroom and would certainly recommend Modern Homes to a friend.

“I would have no hesitation recommending Tina and her team, the designs are beautiful and the fact that one company manages every stage of the process makes it a lot less stressful, we wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

img 5

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 00:00

Sinks and taps with style

Frankes Largo Workcentre


Sinks and taps with style

binära optioner strategier Sinks and taps are a key piece of your new kitchen and with the advent of modern technology; designs are not only practical but can also look attractive!

Even if your new kitchen design includes a dishwasher, your sink can still take a lot of daily wear and tear.

When it comes to size, remember the need to wash your roasting pans and grill pans from your oven - too many times I have seen clients struggle with silly round bowls that you can’t fit anything in!

Unless you have a fairly large room a double bowl option is not usually viable so the more usual choice is a bowl and a half, the smaller bowl is incredibly useful for rinsing and pouring things away whilst the main bowl is in use.

The material you choose can have a large impact on the longevity of your sink, currently stainless steel is still the preferred material, with great versatility on budget and styles. Always invest in a model which is 18% chrome and 10% nickel which will make sure it is tough and rust free.

More traditional kitchens can still benefit from the styling of a classic Belfast or ceramic sink and these are becoming more hard wearing and stain resistant than sinks of the past.

For an integral look use a granite or composite sink matching the colour of your worktop, particularly useful in smaller rooms to create the illusion of more worktop.

New to the block are wooden sinks and also glass surround sinks which can add a striking feature to a more contemporary design.

Taps have evolved enormously over the last few years with filtered water options, boiling water taps, pull-out sprays, LED indicating water temperature and for the water conscious amongst you taps with built in flow regulators and flow regulation measures. A note of caution is to ensure that you know what your water pressure is, nothing worse than a tap that only dribbles water at you.

Swivel spouts and even pot fillers can ensure that even the biggest saucepans can be filled easily, just make sure that your tap spout is positioned high enough for your biggest pan or vase.

Recently launched the Franke Largo work centre has all the style and functionality of a conventional stainless steel sink with the added convenience of two soft touch compartments. These can be used for storing washing-up items out of reach or as an area for disposing of food waste, and are plumbed so any excess water drains away to keep the area clean and tidy. The rear compartment is also removable allowing easy emptying of food waste. There is a pop up waste operated by a push button so that you can empty the sink without putting your hands in the bowl. Add to this a chopping board and strainer bowl and this makes this the ultimate workstation.


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