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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 11:54

When is a Loo not just a Loo!


demo binäre optionen When is a Loo not just a Loo!

binäre optionen niedrisgste mindesteinzahlung Just as with almost every other area of our lives technology is now having a huge impact on the bathroom and the most basic of products, the toilet is now undergoing its own revolution.

It is certainly true that toilets are not new, the oldest known flush toilet is that in the Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete, home of King Minos which dated back to 1700 BC, however what is happening now is a revolution in design.

When I first started designing bathrooms… no not in 1700 BC, little thought was given to the toilet other than the position within the bathroom. This is usually the one product position than cannot be changed within the design, it is always dictated by the position of the existing soil pipe and must be fitted ideally no more than 2 meters away to allow adequate fall (drainage).

However, once the position has been decided your choice is now endless:
High level - this is usually a feature of a traditional style of bathroom where the cistern is located high up, usually on ornate brackets, long chain and flush pull.

Close coupled - this is usually the most affordable choice and easy to install, this is where the cistern fits on the back on the pan – hence close coupled.

Back to wall – this is installed with the pipework hidden from view within a stud wall or more often fitted furniture.

Wall hung - is again installed within a stud wall or furniture with the addition of a support frame, the pan does not sit on the floor allowing access to clean under and opening up the floor space.

Additional functions now mean that the toilet can be multi- functional. New ‘shower toilets’ are designed to improve comfort and hygiene with warm water cleaning, they can of course be used by anyone but are of particular value for those with limited mobility. Some models will instantly lift the lid on approach and offer warm air drying, automatic flushing and also clean the pan after each use.

These are obviously more expensive than a standard WC but if you were thinking of incorporating a bidet within your design, the combined price of this along with the suitable brassware, may make the investment in a shower toilet seem more reasonable.  When you take into account that these products use less water, reduce the need for chemicals for cleaning and cut down on the use of toilet paper, it all adds up to extra savings.

Other things to consider when making a decision are easy clean pans with no dust traps that can be just wiped over.

Comfort height toilets are also now very popular.  They are usually between 4-6cm higher than usual and can be more comfortable for a lot of people as well as being easier to access for the elderly.

Dual flush is often chosen as standard where you choose from small or large flush.  Not so every day is the new Gerberit AquaClean Mera which is a multi-functional shower toilet that also features a built in odour extraction unit, this cleans the air after every use!

As you can see there are many options to consider and a loo is certainly not just a loo anymore - call in and see us soon, we can help find the perfect loo for you! 


Thursday, 05 May 2016 12:05

Case Studies - Benson



A Brighter, Lighter Kitchen

People change their kitchens for all sorts of reasons but for Pat Benson, it was a necessity that brought her through the doors of Modern Homes.

Pat and her husband John live in Stratford. They’ve lived in the same home for 38 years, and for 37 of those, they’ve had the same kitchen. When they fitted it, the layout suited their needs, but as they have got older, the deep low cupboards have proved more of a problem.


Köpa Strattera Oskarshamn Bensonbefore

http www bdswiss com it “Bending down isn’t easy,” says Pat, “so we decided to re-arrange the kitchen to make it more accessible and more modern too. We wanted a lighter, brighter look – something classic that won’t date as fashions change.”

The couple contacted several companies but chose Modern Homes thanks to the mix of common sense and experience we could offer.

الخيارات الثنائية التداول أدنى إيداع “It was a no-pressure approach that we appreciated,” says Pat. “The owner, Tina, visited us in our home to see how we lived and ‘used’ the kitchen. We discussed ideas and then she presented us with a design shortly after the visit.”



Benson after web

The couple chose Shaker-style units and a similar layout to their previous kitchen but with the addition of new storage and wall cupboards. Out went the old double oven, and in came new, more accessible appliances too.

The finished effect is a much brighter, easier to use room that draws and keeps people in. “Everyone gravitates to the kitchen now and doesn’t tend to leave,” says Pat. “We’re delighted with the result. We also must mention the excellent service. From the care in the planning stages, through to the fantastic fitters. They were a pleasure to have around.”


Viagra 150 mg THE LOOK:
AEG appliances
Ivory Fantasy granite
New blinds and glass splashback
Karndean wood effect flooring




Thursday, 05 May 2016 10:35

Lights, Camera, Action



olagligt att kÃÂÂà Lights, Camera, Action

guida per fare trading We had a taste of the star treatment last week when Severn Trent Water used the showroom as a film set.

The bathroom showroom was awash with models, make-up artists and photographers all working on an educational video about how to avoid blocking the toilet 

The crew were shooting a video and taking still shots for a bill board campaign to educate customers on what not to put down the toilet.

It was a fun day for us and our customers.  We are looking forward to seeing the results on the Severn Trent Water website and splashed across billboards in Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham over the coming months.

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00

Pyrolytic – Music to My Ears!


Pyrolytic – Music to My Ears!

Ovens have had a makeover in the last couple of years with most middle to top end appliance manufacturers offering Pyrolytic cleaning programs that take the sweat out of cleaning your cooker!

An oven that cleans itself is my personal idea of heaven, along with self-ironing clothes and   self-cleaning windows, however I digress but it is true that many customers find that they can’t live without this feature once they have enjoyed the benefits.

Pyrolytic ovens come with triple or quadruple glazed doors and feature temperature absorbent enameled interiors that can withstand heat of up to 500°C.

The cleaning cycle begins with the oven door locking for safety and then the high temperature reduces the grease and residue to a fine ash after a cycle of approx. 90-120 minutes.

Once the cycle has ended and the oven has cooled, it then just requires a quick wipe round with a damp cloth to ensure the interior is perfectly clean.

Most versions do require you to remove and clean the internal racks and shelves by hand but the good news is ovens with pyrolytic cleaning are coming down in price every day and are no longer a feature just available on high end models.  Combined with the cost of the cleaning cycle ranging from just 20p to 40p it’s no wonder we are specifying more than ever!

Think it may even be time for me to have a new oven!

Monday, 25 April 2016 09:58

A Room With a View


A Room With a View

When I first started designing, a kitchen with a view used to mean little more than a sink below a window usually overlooking next door's fence - how things have changed with French doors, skylights  and other openings, all aiming to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out!

Our humble back door has undergone a transformation over the last few years and despite our variable British weather, or more probably in spite of, many of you are choosing to open up your back doors to include the latest design in bi-fold doors.

Letting in the natural light really does increase the feeling of space, it makes the garden more accessible and often encourages you use it on a more regular basis. As natural light is so important for health and wellbeing it pays to make sure the kitchen is designed with this in mind.

Using a good designer to plan your space can help you gain the best use of both areas, ensuring the kitchen works in harmony with the outdoor space and vice versa. For example, siting the island or sitting area where the most natural lights shines during the day. Take note of the view, for the design to work well this needs to be uninterrupted so make sure no units or appliances are blocking your sightlines.

If you plan to regularly use your outdoor space think about where you might store things you are going to use outside to make sure they are easily accessible, also allow worktop space to bring washing-up and other things back from the garden inside.

Outdoor space heaters and/or water proof sails can mean outdoor space can be utilised even if the weather is not perfect!

For the very dedicated outdoors type, think about an additional outside kitchen, incorporating a BBQ and sink area for your alfresco dining.

A well-considered lighting scheme will enhance the flow between the indoor and outdoor space letting you connect or indeed disconnect the two areas as necessary. Garden illumination, allowing you to use the garden for entertaining at night is vital. Incorporate the controls internally, then if you decide not to have blinds or curtains it stops your glass doors taking on the appearance of a big black wall at night and makes sure your fabulous new kitchen space is as welcoming at night as it is during the day!

Monday, 25 April 2016 09:37

Living Kitchens

mediakbblowcrop web


recensioni su iq option Media - The Perfect Solution for Living Kitchens

buy Lyrica generic One of the stand out products for me at last month’s trade show KBB was the Trend Interiors media furniture.

This is a range that not only coordinates beautifully with your kitchen furniture but stores the TV and all the other hardware, cable and wiring that comes with a multimedia centre, totally out of sight.

The technology is also very clever as you can control everything that is hidden away with the infra-red remote, even when it is all closed and looking great.

This display at the exhibition says it all- the tangled mess that you get with a traditional TV versus the smooth, clean look you can achieve with the media furniture.

The furniture can be designed and installed as part of the kitchen project, providing you with a complete solution without having to bring in any other tradespeople.

With 23 fashionable finishes that can be matched with Trend Kitchen slab doors, there is a look for everyone, call in and see us soon and we can make your messy TV station a thing of the past!

Thursday, 07 April 2016 09:24

Finishing Touches





Finishing Touches in the Bathroom that make all the difference bdswizz We love making each and every project perfect for our customers and find that adding those little finishing touches can make all the difference.

When we have completed a bathroom, with tiles, blinds and flooring, it is not over until we have added the accessories.  Stylish holders for soap and toothbrushes, elegant  cream dispensers all add to making the bathroom feel welcoming and calm.

These are just some of the examples on display in the showroom but we  can offer fresh ideas and inspiration in the showroom - call in and see us soon.


Monday, 04 April 2016 08:27

Case Studies - Mascall



Blue and Grey Shaker Style Designer Kitchen

There’s nothing like word of mouth when it comes to recommendations and that was certainly the case for Emma Mascall and her husband Graeme, when they were searching for the right people to replace the kitchen.

opcje binarne eztrader “We were caught in a bit of a spiral of indecision,” says Emma. “Our kitchen was in the basement, and it badly needed an update. We felt limited as it hadn’t got huge amounts of natural light but we also needed to look at price, materials and style. We had a good idea of what we wanted, but of course, a professional can always add so much more to the mix. It was just a case of finding them.”


köpa Viagra mot faktura IMG 6109webbefore

Having consulted several people but not finding someone they felt 100% happy with, Emma happened to mention their search whilst at French conversational class. “It just so happened that the owner’s father was present,” says Emma. “He told me all about Modern Homes and as I hadn’t heard of them before, it was a good lead!”

The couple went on to contact owner Tina and feeling reassured by her approach and experience, they began the process. The couple decided to keep most of the original layout, as it worked, but were open to Tina’s suggestions. “She was hugely helpful,” says Emma. “Not just with things that you’d expect, like materials and styles, but even down to the colour – she pointed out where a particular shade would work better than another. We were most impressed.”

Once plans had been approved, work was scheduled, and ran to plan and time perfectly. Out went the out-dated entry-level kitchen and after the damp walls were treated, re-plastered and allowed to dry for several weeks, in came the new look!


IMG 6102after

Emma chose Mereway’s English Revival, a shaker-style kitchen with a painted finish, as the couple like simple classic tastes.

Tadalafil Oral Strips Buy 20 MG “We’re not gimmicky people, but we do love the splash of blue colour we’ve put inside the lit cupboards,” she says. “We also love the central wooden island, as everyone can now sit around it. The kitchen has been transformed and we’re thrilled, not only with the look but the service. Dealing with Tina was so easy, and everything was managed so well – even when I rang up every day, it was handled brilliantly. We couldn’t be happier.”



Monday, 14 March 2016 11:30

At Ground Level


At Ground Level – Choosing The Right Kitchen Flooring

z2 An integral part of your new room should be choosing a flooring that is practical, hard wearing and easy both on your eye and your feet!

The right flooring can make or break your room design and is often an area that is neglected or discussed as an afterthought. It should be used to create impact and if required a wow-factor, or to blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of the room. With so many products to choose from nowadays flooring must be given due care and attention.

The most commonly used floorings include solid and engineered wood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stones or luxury vinyl.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these and the key to success is to choose the product most suited to your home and lifestyle.

Stone can have natural advantages in terms of colour and beauty but it does need regular maintenance and re sealing to keep it looking its best.

Timber can add warmth to a design and if it gets damaged or scratched can be sanded down and re varnished or oiled. However, it is not ideal for the working part of the kitchen as it is susceptible to spills, particularly oils and red wine etc.

Think also about footwear that will be worn within the room, wooden floors and stilettos are never a good combination.

Glazed ceramics are easy to maintain, clean and are durable but our recommendation for the hardest wearing floor would be porcelain. This can also prove exceptionally useful if the kitchen is being linked to an outside space via bi fold doors for example.  Porcelain can be used inside and out, meaning when the doors are open the kitchen links seamlessly to your outdoor living space.

The disadvantage is that they are cold underfoot but many clients are choosing under floor heating to counteract the cold!

Good quality vinyl, for example Karndean, offers perhaps the best of all worlds. Inspired by nature, their range of wood, stone and iconic Karndean Designflooring has been designed to look great without the practical limitations of natural materials.

As always, nature is the inspiration and the start of the journey to adapt, perfect and deliver floors that are durable, stylish and liveable whatever your space, your needs or your style.

We have some great case studies that showcase how different flooring options work, call in and see us soon. 


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Monday, 14 March 2016 10:54

A Fantastic KBB16!

KBB16 pic web 

A Fantastic KBB16

super alertspro opzioni binarie So,  pleased as I am to be back to my normal routine I have had a fantastic few days at our latest trade exhibition,  KBB16 at the NEC in Birmingham.

It's always good to keep abreast of the latest trends and products and having attended numerous events over the last 38 years it is with great pride that I was asked to attend this event to be involved in a seminar as an 'expert' in my industry.

My seminar was to discuss how the 'journey' of a consumer has changed over the years, which proved a very interesting topic.  Without doubt the Internet is used to research any major house project but the majority of clients then choose the traditional route of visiting a  showroom to purchase.  I believe that it will remain this way for some time as people do want to see  real displays and  touch products before they buy.

I was also delighted to discover that my main supplier Mereway,  my partner for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture had by far the busiest stand at the show, showcasing lots of new products which will soon appear in my showroom!

They also got my award for the most colourful ties at the exhibition!

AEG were showcasing the latest appliances, along with a sous vide oven with iPad application where you can see from the comfort of your sofa how your tea is getting on!

Bathroom cleaning was a big topic with new 'rimless toilets' which have a more efficient flush and ease of cleaning!

I also  had the opportunity to cross something off my bucket list when I was asked to give out an award at the evening event 'the Oscar's' of the kitchen and bathroom industry.  900  people gathered for a glittering evening and were thrilled to find out our compere for the evening was the fabulously funny Dara O'Briain. I made my way to the stage and got to open the gold envelope and announce the winner in my category and got a big kiss of Dara as well!

So a very hectic  three days is now over for another two years, but it  has reminded me that I have chosen to spend my working life in a vibrant ever changing industry, full of innovative products and also some of the very best people , which is obviously why I love my job!


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