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Beautiful Hidden Storage For The Bedroom

Why is it that no matter how much space you have in your bedroom, there never seems to be enough room to store everything?

It is not just the everyday items that you need at hand but all those other under-used things such as clothes that are out of season and spare linen that there never seems to be space for.

If this is the case for you then take a look at this fabulous new Ottoman Bed from Trend Bedrooms that incorporates oodles of under bed storage, which remains well hidden but is easy to access.  This bed has a lift–up mechanism that has been ergonomically designed so that it is safe to handle and practical for one person to operate with ease. It really is fuss free to use with each size of bed having different piston sizes to ensure optimum performance.  The space is extremely useful as it is deep and accessible from all sides.

As well as being great for uncluttered and out of sight storage, this bed is also a doddle to make, when the mattress is raised and fixed at its midway point, especially if you are making it alone.  

The bed and headboard can be upholstered in any one of the 23 gorgeous fabrics from the Stuart Jones collection. Well known within the interiors industry, Stuart Jones has established a reputation for high quality, hand crafted upholstery. You can even use these fabrics on stools and pads for a coordinated look.

Why not call in soon and find out more about this and other beautiful storage ideas for your bedroom.

By Thursday, 13 April 2017 08:38 Published in News