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A New Natural Look For Relaxed Easy Living

The natural look is still one of the most popular styles in kitchen design and the latest kitchen from Mereway captures the theme of relaxed easy living perfectly.

Unmistakably British, the new Bridgwater range has everything you would expect in a modern but classic kitchen and more. 

With a wealth of range content to choose from this is a kitchen that is very much at the heart of the home, individually designed, each and every time.

The painted woodgrain shaker door has a simple bevelled panel that has less detailing than a traditional shaker panel and is available in 25 stunning colours from Chalk White to Plum.  The kitchen pictured here in Dark Sage and Prosecco takes influences from the ‘greenery’ trend to create a relaxed open space.

As you would expect from Mereway’s Town & Country collection, this kitchen incorporates contemporary design features such as the open shelving and magazine rack in the island.  The floating breakfast bar with Grey Bardolino UrbanTop adds a fresh twist and provides a social area at the heart of this kitchen, designed for modern day living.

This kitchen also includes a new larder corner unit, with cantilever carousels, offering added innovative storage solutions.

So if you are seeking a natural look and true individuality then why not visit us today and start planning your dream kitchen.


Want To Cook Like A Masterchef In Your Own Kitchen?


If you love cooking and are always dreaming of creating MasterChef style dishes in your own home then you will love this new oven from AEG. SenseCook is one of the new Mastery kitchen products, a range offering the world’s first responsive kitchen experience.

This innovative oven takes the temperature out of cooking, using a “CommandWheel” instead.  You select the outcome rather than the temperature or a number in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You say you want a medium-well steak, for example, and insert the Food Sensor probe, and it will do the monitoring for you. This means you can choose a more elaborate recipe and the oven will adjust itself throughout the steps.  This oven understands the results you want, just from the words you choose- an oven that speaks your language.

We will have one of these amazing ovens in the showroom later in the year and will be hosting a workshop with AEG to showcase how it can transform your home cooking- a date will be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can have a sneak preview, take a look at this video.



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